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I cannot surrender my soul to any nation state, or to any set of beliefs.

It’s been a little while since my last update. I’ve had holiday (Bologna, always lovely) and started a new job (Cabinet Office, fascinating). Between all that I’ve not really had a lot of spare time. Even so, with the time … Continue reading


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Most of the subjects which I find important are not spoken of

Corker’s Freedom, by John Berger A man (and it’s usually a man) lives a life of quiet desperation among the English lower-middle classes. He dreams of something better, but when he tries to realise his dreams he finds the stultifying … Continue reading


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Objects in the rearview mirror…

Back at the beginning of 2010 I wrote a post regarding my goals for the coming year. Here at the end of 2010 I thought I’d revisit that, and look back over what stands out for me from the year. … Continue reading


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A label is half the battle

A Painter of Our Time, by John Berger I’ve recently had to abandon two great books shortly after starting them. Long hours at work have killed my concentration and led to too little time to really get stuck in to … Continue reading


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Peasant life is a life committed completely to survival

Pig Earth, by John Berger One of the blogs I follow is Kevinfromcanada. It’s a great blog, but recently Kevin (the blogger in question) did me a real favour. He started a comments thread in which you listed the last … Continue reading


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I only write what I feel has to be written.

Everything Passes, a novel, by Gabriel Josipovici When I finished Gabriel Josipovici’s book What Ever Happened to Modernism? I wasn’t quite sure what to read next.  I looked at the shelves and pulled off  a Beckett, Josipovici’s Everything Passes, a … Continue reading


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Personal canons (2)

This wasn’t an easy post to write. When the idea of a personal canon was first suggested to me I thought it would be straightforward to work out what mine was. I was wrong. More than that though the task … Continue reading


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