Test post

This is a test post to check how the WordPress app on my ipad works (or doesn’t).



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6 responses to “Test post

  1. It worked … but I don’t like it much (the App for the iPad not your test post I mean!)

  2. How it appears here, or do you just have the same app and not rate it much?

    My laptop’s getting creaky. I’m trying to see how much I can do just with the ipad.

  3. It appears here fine … no, it’s just that I have the same app (I presume there’s only one) and don’t like it much. Unless I just haven’t worked it out well enough. Don’t you have to use html coding for formatting, links? You certainly did when it was introduced … I use it so rarely because I don’t like it but these things do improve I know. I’d love to hear what you think when you start writing full posts.

    I updated my laptop last year … still much prefer it but I don’t travel with it and that’s when I’ve mostly tried the app though last time we had our very old PC laptop we bought for travel so I alternated a little between the two.

  4. Haven’t used it enough yet to be sure. I’ll write a post using it soon and see how it goes.

    After hurting my back last year I’m trying to carry a lot less, hence the ipad preference in part.

  5. I use my ipad and phone apps for short post a lot ,not done any longer posts on it yet ,all the best stu

  6. I can say personally that syncing all my devices with dropbox has been an absolute game changer. This applies even more if you have multiple people working on a project. You can have specific share folders with content, standard operating procedures, and everything you need to run a team of people using a repeatable system. This is absolutely a cornerstone of virtual business development and blogging.

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