Slipped disc

Hi all,

I have a slipped disc and so am likely to be offline for a few days, possibly a bit longer – the immediate recovery could be a week or two with potentially several weeks of physio (apparently I may be off work anything between one and six weeks, its hard to predict). Not sure when I’ll be able to type normally so as to make normal posts such as the overdue Satantango review, since it involves sitting down for periods of time which I can’t yet do and will likely need a few days at least before I can.

On the plus side, no environment is more conducive to reading Proust than being bedridden. It’s very thematic.



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24 responses to “Slipped disc

  1. I hope the pain subsides quickly and mobility resumes as soon as it can. I know that when I have back issues reading is the furthest thing from my mind. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. While I envy you the time and the confinement to read Proust, I don’t envy the cause. Best wishes for a speedy recovery

  3. termitespeaker

    I’d been missing Pechorin’s Journal popping up in my email! Very sorry to learn you’re under the weather! Physical ailments can really get in the way of doing one’s favorite things! I’m adding my wishes to all the others for a speedy recovery.

  4. vesna main

    Hope you are not in too much pain and good luck with recovery. I had it myself and it is not pleasant; I thought these days the wisdom is to move as much as possible…

    Look forward to your future posts.

  5. Ow. I hope you have a speedy recovery, and enjoy the Proust. Marcel didn’t like to get out of bed, but at least he had a choice.

  6. Oh shame! Bad luck Max. Hope you enjoy Proust. Have you read A Dance To The Music Of Time? This could be your chance if not…

  7. leroyhunter

    Soory to hear of the physical misfortune Max…slipped disc is a bad one. Hope recovery goes as well as it can.

  8. Ouch. If you get sick of Proust, you could always festoon your sickbed with dancing collage snails, a la Matisse – or is that just me? Hope the back heals fast, anyway.

  9. So sorry to hear that. Please feel better soon!

  10. I know the problem of bad discs only too well — take care of yourself.

  11. ouch hope it sorts its self soon ,all the best stu

  12. Hello Max,

    I’m sorry to hear that, I hope you’re not in too much pain and that you’ll feel better soon.

    You’re in good company with Proust.


  13. Can only echo the comments above, and hope you recover soon.

  14. Let’s hope that things can only get better

  15. Sorry to hear that, hope you are better soon. Enjoyed your comment about Proust, the reading equivalent of method acting maybe, but definitely not to be recommended.

  16. Thanks very much for the best wishes all. Updates (and replies) will continue to be slow as sitting at the computer tires me quickly, but the good news is that there’s no nerve damage (one of those bits of good news that leaves you thinking “wait, so there could have been nerve damage? I’m glad I didn’t know that until it was ruled out”).

    Vesna, the rule now is movement, you’re quite right, so no Proustian bedrest.

    In fact, generally, I’ve not read a page since it happened. Between general fatigue, concentration being hit by the painkillers and the whole discomfort thing it’s just not been happening. Instead it’s been lots of DVDs, of highly varying quality (seriously, how in god’s name did Iron Man get such good reviews? I’ve seen Eastern European arthouse with faster pacing).

    Sam, I’ve reviewed the entirety of Dance right here! I could I admit always return to it. Otherwise Banffy if I feel like climbing the slopes of megafiction, but I’m more in the foothills right now I think.

    Actually, a week on I’m hoping I can start some reading again in which case Proust will be back on. I have a couple of novellas that were sent to me for review a while back which look tempting (and short, which on my current attention span is no bad thing), and otherwise it’ll be crime and the gentler side of fiction. Few things are more curative I find than a good murder, with perhaps the occasional side order of whimsy to mix things up a bit. Being honest I wouldn’t actually have chosen to be half way through one of the trickier Proust volumes when this happened, but them’s the breaks. For the record, I’m a Dreyfusard. Down with the anti-Dreyfusards!

    I’ll hopefully post up my review of Satantango later this week, written in installments. We’ll see though, if I can’t focus enough to do it properly I’ll leave it until I’m properly back on form.

    Hope you’re all well, and sorry for not visiting the blogs I normally call in on. It’s just a concentration thing, I have the focus right now of a kitten caught between a piece of string and a bouncy ball. You might want to catch that string, but look, a ball! The advantage of DVDs is you just lie there and watch the things. Thankfully I had a to be watched pile to go along with my to be read pile.

  17. termitespeaker

    I’m happy you’re at least part way back, Max! If I had known you were interested in reading novellas right now, I’d have been sure you knew I had a Smashwords giveaway on my 18,000-word SF novella “Monster Is in the Eye of the Beholder” last week. Coupon for a free copy. Nov. 11 was the first anniversary of its publication (my first publication). In fact, I’ll still give you a coupon for it if you would like one. No strings – no review required. I just think you might enjoy it – I’ve had only one reader who didn’t like it.

  18. Catching up with lots of blogs today so I’ve just seen this! Wanted to leave a quick note to say get well soon. I smiled when I read that you’re turning to crime fiction. I agree, there’s nothing like a good fictitious murder when you’re feeling poorly! Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island will forever be associated with tonsillitis, and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn saw me through a bout of flu this October.

  19. Only part back sadly, I had a flare-up which set me back a good few days. I’d happily take that coupon, Lorinda, how does smashwords work? Don’t know when I’ll get to the novella though – I’ve a hellish backlog presently after this.

  20. Unsuccessfully turning so far Eva, though that’s still the plan.. Thanks for the kind words.

  21. termitespeaker

    Hi, Max, I’m sorry about your health problems – such things can really derail one’s life. Smashwords works on just about all e-readers – Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, iPad, even PDF download on your laptop or PC, It will also work with Kindle, although you have to use, loading it onto the MobiReader, then transfering it to your Kindle. And once you’ve bought the book you can download it as many times and in as many formats as you like. Another advantage of using Smashwords is that there is no provision on Amazon for giving your book away or making it free temporarily unless you go into Kindle Select, which I’ve never done. And absolutely no way to give away copies of paperbacks, unless you give a gift certificate.
    If you want to try the Smashwords, here’s the coupon code. UT77P. It will expire on Jan. 1. Go to to this website and enter the coupon code when you buy the book. You can read three brief 5-star reviews there, too
    Don’t worry about not reading it very soon. Everybody is too busy, alas, and you’ve got the back problem on top of it all.
    And thanks for your interest – you’ve no idea how much I appreciate it!

  22. Max, I see you have now used the Smashwords coupon for my novella! It was set to expire on Jan. 1 and I just figured you didn’t have time or didn’t feel like bothering with it. So I hope whenever you have time to read it (it’s short!) you’ll enjoy it and send me a quick word on your opinion! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your friends and family!

  23. I didn’t have time! That’s why it’s taken me so long to redeem the coupon. I hadn’t forgotten. I’ll let you know when I read it, though it may not be for a little while yet.

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