Sorry for the long radio silence all. One of my busiest ever periods at work coincided with my first house purchase and the combo rather took me out of commission (plus the inevitable bout of post-deal closing illness which always tend to come as the tension eases off for some reason).

Anyway, Berg though unforgivably interrupted is near finished. After that it’s probably Alma Cogan next in line. I’m looking forward to it.



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8 responses to “Update

  1. Hi. It’s nice to hear from you again.
    Congratulations for your new house, it’s always an exciting moment to choose a new home (and then decorate it.)

  2. Spelling mistake, sorry : this might interest you.

  3. leroyhunter

    Congratulations on the house Max. I went through that process 3 years ago and it’s not really an enjoyable one. End result is (hopefully) worth it though.

  4. hope all goes well good sir and you settle well in your new hous ,all the best stu

  5. Well I figured there must have been a significant deal somewhere, but the addition of a house purchase and a move more than explains your silence. You have been missed and your return is most welcome.

    And a short personal report. Sheila and I just got back from a three-day mini-holiday at the Post Hotel in Lake Louise and did think of you and Emma often while there (since their wine cellar has 30,000+ bottles and their chef is definitely up to providing appropriate meals for them. I am guessing that a Canadian ski holiday is not on your agenda this year, but am fairly certain that the mountains (and the wine cellar) will still be around when it is. Cheers, Kevin

  6. Thanks for the congratulations and best wishes folks, and for the link Bookaround.

    Kevin, not this year no, but we’ll be back there again I’m sure and that does sound like something we’ll be looking out for when we are. In the meantime, apparently we can get ESPN at the new place which should give us access to Hockey Night in Canada finally…

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