Dude, where’s my theme?

Well, I go away for the weekend and when I get back my theme’s changed. I wonder what happened.

I’ve now put a new theme in place and deleted the one that was substituted somehow for my previous one. Was my previous one withdrawn I wonder so that WordPress automatically gave me the nearest equivalent? Was there some kind of WordPress update generally?

I’m redoing my widgets, several of which were deleted with new ones being added, and the new theme I’ve now picked is actually an improvement in some ways (you can see italics in quotes which is nice). Still, something of a surprise and slightly tedious.


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6 responses to “Dude, where’s my theme?

  1. leroyhunter

    It must be general Max as I noticed the same (or similar) changes on Guy’s site. New theme is spiffy though.

  2. I had the same theme as you, I think. I subscribe to the wordpress e-mails and there was an e-mail that the theme was ‘phased out’ and there was a new default theme in its place. I went with the default theme, at least for now, as I had to do some emergency widgets replacement. I’ll look over the other themes when I have the time and the inclination.

  3. Yoicks. I’d never contemplated the possibility of waking up and finding my whole blog changed.

    Unlike you and Guy, my theme seems to have survived the “update”.

    As much as I love the new inter-connected world, I must admit that automatic “improvements” that make things worse are a major piss-off.

  4. I must have had that email too, but deleted it. How annoying. I understand themes may need to be changed, but losing my widget settings was a pain.

    Yes, automatic improvements frequently aren’t.

  5. The newer themes have features that are not available on the older themes. I’d thought about switching but knew it would muck up the blog, so I left the decision (I thought) until I had time to make the changes. Of mice and men…

  6. Amusing post, but I am sorry for your inconvenience. Also a tad alarming: my theme is an oldie with no bells and whistles, and I have ‘tweaked’ in various ways to make everything work… Imposed theme change does not sound like a good option.

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