Laptop outage

Hi all,

My laptop’s down at the moment, and may be so for a little while. That may mean updates have to come from my work computer, which takes a little longer and which won’t be happening anyway until the weekend/early next week as I’m travelling on business at the moment.

Other than that, Swann’s Way continues to be excellent and I’m now most of the way through it, and if the laptop situation improves sooner than expected I’ll be back online later this week to tell you my thoughts on it. Otherwise, watch this space and there’ll be an update in a few days.


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2 responses to “Laptop outage

  1. Nothing worse that Max is there. Hope its sorted soon. I’m glad to hear that Swann’s Way doesn’t disappoint

  2. It certainly doesn’t. And though I didn’t manage to save quite all my data I had backed up and so had most of it. My laptop is working again, hurrah!

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