Jean-Euphèle Milcé alive and well

Pushkin Press posted this on facebook, and I thought I’d repeat it here in case it was of interest:

Pushkin Press is relieved to announce that Jean-Euphele MILCE has survived the earthquake in Port-au-Prince. We do not know what his living conditions are but he has sent word to say that he is alive and that he would send more news soon.

He is the author of ‘Alphabet of the Night’ published by Pushkin Press.
He was Director of the National Library of Haiti. He has published several works in Creole and is co-founder of the literary magazine ‘Lire Haiti’.

He lives in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

As some readers may recall, I wrote up his Alphabet of the Night here, an excellent novel though one for those with a liking for poetic language.

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